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Стальной карабин AZ 002

Артикул: AZ 002
Производитель: Protekt (Польша)
Заказать в 1 клик
Характеристики карабина:
Раскрытие: 18 мм
Вес: 220 г

Карабин из оцинкованной стали c двойным пальчиковым запирающим устройством.

Раскрытие: 18 мм

Вес: 220 г

Характеристики карабина
Раскрытие 18 мм
Вес 220 г


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Easy analogy was able to.Light a single step, but it got up and is gokchiyeon naedideot all.It is to act is gokchiyeon maak put a foot on the customer jeoppincheong what happened almost simultaneously with.Blue clothing and buk with silver embroidery thread a narrow brim hat had clearly reveals the man's identity.

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#4 andamenti 04.02.2022 12:50
This is because the teacher who just opened the door of the folding gate and came in earlier was the most competent teacher in Yakseonru and instructed him to attend the special guest he visited today. Naturally, he will receive polite hospitality from his teacher and enter the reception hall.

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#3 dongahtv 04.02.2022 12:49
In jeoppincheong sararak about erection of a pair of double doors will open a page, including their clothing to pay a Inyoung Joe mourned loved ones who came and bowed his head down one step ahead.Sitting on the counter in the entrance of Moon So-ri, and turn her head can be quickly was able to see him.

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#2 dongahtv 04.02.2022 12:49
Anyway, if the owners all went to Yakseonru, they were half out of their minds all day, but the next day, Seonghwa told them to go back to make a reservation, so of course, the servants and horsemen had no choice but to raise questions. Thus, it took less than 10 days for various questions and information about Yakseonru, which naturally began to circulate between them, to spread throughout Hangju.

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